Payment Methods & Policy

Payment Methods

We accept payment through several modes as listed and mentioned in http://www.dinsol.in/manage/how2pay.php

We suggest to visit the link listed above for more details our Payment Acceptance Methods.

Payment Policy

All payments are due on the date of order submission or date of renewal. Generally billing period starts on the date of order either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually or bi-annually or as per the package term selected by the customer. For each successive period, contract is renewed automatically unless we are notified otherwise. Billing period is determined by the billing option selected by customer, at the time of order. Customer's billing period also applies to any additional items and services ordered after the initial activation of account. Fee for such items and services may be (not necessarily) prorated so that the start date matches that of the main account.

We invoices exclusively via e-mail. We DO NOT send physical invoices.

Late Payments:

Any account whose payment status is not current as of the start of the next billing period is deemed late. Generally, customers are given 5 (five) days grace period after which the account is put on suspension. Reactivation of closed accounts due to delinquency incurs a Rs.500/- reactivation fee as well as payment of the balance due in full. For late payments submit a Support Ticket at our HelpDesk.

Taxes on Invoice:

Per rules and regulations notified by Govt. of India, the customer is liable to pay taxes on each invoice. The tax calculations shall be shown in the invoice details.

To Cancel your account:

In order to protect our customers security and privacy, we only accept account cancellations via our Online Helpdesk by opening a new Support Ticket.

Refund is not applicable unless cancellation request is made within the first 30 days of the account sign-up. Setup fees, payment collection fees, bank charges, credit/debit card transaction fees, when and where applicable, are non-refundable. Customer is obligated to pay for account even if it was not used. Because we have provided customer with usernames, passwords, DNS entries, control panel and full featured account with ability to use it. The fact that customer do not do so is not relevant - that is the reason customer is still obligated to pay for the account. Even an unused account uses valuable system resources that could be used for other customers. If customer have a past-due balance on account at the time account is closed (either by request or due to non-payment), the remaining balance must be paid before the account is closed. If we do not receive payment on the remaining balance in that time, we will begin efforts to collect any fees owed. We apply a Rs 2500/- collection fee to cover our costs in attempting to collect customer debt. If our internal collection efforts fail, we reserve the right to turn the account over to a third-party (either collection agency or attorney) for further action.