Here you will come to know about actual growth of Web Hosting Services in India

Growth of Web Hosting Services in India

Whether for business or leisure purpose, if you wish to setup an Blog or Website on your domain, you need Website Hosting services. Web Hosting services are provided by Web Hosting Companies, to the customer wherein certain described features are allocated and offered along with technical assistance so that the customer can have easy online presence.

The main point to understand here is that these features are provided on an "Server" which is a specially designed Computer or in other words, combination of high end costly hardware and customized programmed software. This server is housed in secure facilitated building called, "Data Centre" which provide uninterrupted power supply and multiple carrier bandwidth (data transfer facility).

In layman term, we know "Web Hosting Service" as "renting web space" - where - "space" refer to the portion of hard disk drive as per the "Web Hosting Plan" opted by customer during sign-up process. Bandwidth, means data transfer limit also known as "traffic". In simple language, it means how much data per month, your website can send and receive. This limit may include, website visits (web pages browsing by website visitors and customers), upload/download of files, email messages sent/received etc.

These days, many "Web Hosting Companies" offer "Unlimited" disk space and bandwidth which seems more like an "Marketing Gimmick" as they restrict customers with their TOS (Terms of Services) or AUP (Acceptable Usage Policy) or similar policy. Most of the customers do not read such lengthy legal documents and they are aware of this fact. These companies also know that most of the customers are not going to hit that limit and if few does so, they are outgrown with the website hosting requirement and have to eventually move to "Dedicated Hosting Server" or "Cloud Hosting Server" which they offer to manage these customer for smooth transition of website content.

Whereas, we believe that customer should first analyze their website resource requirement and opt for "Web Hosting Company" which is offering limited resource hosting plan. That way customer can save their hard earned money as most of the websites does not require few GB of disk space and data transfer which are of lesser cost while comparing to "unlimited hosting" resource plan. So it's wise and economical to start with small "Web Hosting Plan" with startup website and when requirement increase, upgrade package to higher one. Most of such website hosting provider offer upgrade option without any downtime as they have to execute an simple upgrade process through Control Panel on their server.

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