Dinsol Proactive Server Health Monitoring

The Dinsol Monitoring Team consists of highly skilled technicians specializing in service failure restoration and maintaining server stability. Our proprietary monitoring system checks the responsiveness of each server's services every 5 minutes, and server's health every 2 - 5 minutes, immediately alerting the team to any problems. Each of our service checks is meant to be as simple as possible, ensuring we catch a wide variety of system and programmatic errors. With our checks, everything from firewall irregularities to journal inconsistencies can be detected as soon as it happens, often allowing us to fix the problem.

Dinsol Managed server alerts are automatically responded to by a member of our 24/7/365 Monitoring team within minutes. The team works to restore the service, identify and correct cause of the failure, and then sends a report about what they found and any suggested configuration changes.

» Backed by Monitoring Professionals

» System-Level Monitoring

» Automated Security Scans

» Robust Network Monitoring

» Alert Histories and Trends

» 24/7/365 Service Restoration

» Remote Off-network Monitoring using Custom and Nagios Scripts

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