About Us

Dinsol is amongst the oldest operational Web Hosting and Business Solution Consulting provider in India currently serving small and mid-sized businesses and organizations. Dinsol is currently managing more than 25 thousands domain names and serving customers across 38 countries.

Vision & Mission

Vision: Be a preferred Technology Solution and Managed Services provider for customers across world.

Mission: Dinsol always believe that customer satisfaction must be on top priority and while driving costs down every effort should be made to offer customers a quality service.

Core Values

¤ Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

¤ Feature-rich Services for a Reasonable Price

¤ Reliability & Honesty

¤ Innovation & Collaboration

¤ Fast Services & Support

Dinsol India is amongst the oldest operational Web Hosting and E-Business Solution Consulting provider in India, currently serving small and mid-sized businesses and organizations. Dinsol is currently managing more than 25 thousands domain names and serving customers across 38 countries. With the vision to be a preferred Technology Solution and Managed Services provider for customers across world and mission to always believe that customer satisfaction must be on top priority, team at Dinsol is always ready to set new milestones.

At Dinsol, our objective is to help, our customers, get the best possible services for the lowest possible price while keeping the quality high and unmatched. We're honest here! That's the reason we never claim to be the cheapest Web Hosting and E-Business Solution Provider company around, because we're not. We truly believe that when it comes to finding quality services, you really do get what you pay for. 'We make our services and products simple and affordable' with following features.

Here are ten points which makes us different:

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction
Our number one goal is customer satisfaction. To achieve the same, all our services include technical assistance by default and at no additional cost. Assistance to our customers are available through almost all the channels, which includes Email, Helpdesk, Live Chat and Phone. We also offer complete online Knowledge Base, Tutorials & Tech Videos, documenting almost every feature of our hosting services. If you can't find it there, our Customer Support team would be happy to help you. Our Customer Support team can be contacted immediately should you require any assistance.

Feature-rich Services for a Reasonable Price
We do not claim to be the cheapest service provider around, as we know that we're not. We believe that when it comes to get quality services, you get what you pay for. That's the reason, all of our services comes with a generous list of standard features, along with, support from our fast, caring, and professional Customer Support team. We do our best to offer customers reasonable price services without compromising on quality.

Guarantee of Satisfaction
Our services are provided with superior quality infrastructure. In fact, we're so confident of the quality of our services, we offer money back guarantee with our web hosting services along with network up-time guarantee.

All our servers and the components that make up our network are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In the event of an unscheduled outage, be it a component failure, software crash or connectivity disruption, our in-house monitoring team immediately take action and do the needful in order to restore services. This pro-active monitoring allows us not only to promise our customers up-time, but to also deliver on this promise. Reliability doesn't stop there as we only use the highest quality servers for Web Hosting and to build our Cloud Infrastructure. Our network uptime has constantly been above the industry margin. Our Data Centers are top quality Data Centers in the World. We do not compromise on quality of Infrastructure, Data Centers, Server Hardware and Software to make the reliability highest.

Honesty is an important ingredient which is by default mixed into our products and services. In other words, honesty is what you can expect from us in our conversation. We do not impose hidden charges whatsoever - what you see is what you pay along with optional fees clearly mentioned on our website pages, order form and in terms and policies. You should be aware of cheap cost service provided by several companies, chances are there will be some untold hidden costs somewhere. Web hosting in particular could come with pop-up adverts, on low-cost highly oversold servers and the hosting company's own banners - not ideal for the professional website you're looking for!

We always strive to bring new and innovative technology and solution to our customers. To do so, we put our constant efforts, energy and resources. That's the reason all of our Web Hosting Servers use custom configured hardware. All servers are specifically configured for Web hosting environment. Cloud servers are hosted on very innovative and high-quality infrastructure.

At Dinsol, we believe that being an winning team and working in team is most important. That's the reason we collaborate to give best results with our products and services to our customers.

Fast Services
Apart from providing fast and efficient services, we make our customers independent for using our services and related features. That's the reason, we always provide control panel access for Web Hosting, Domain Name, Website Builder, Cloud Hosting, Customized Website Development etc. You can manage all aspects of your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using Control Panel. By the click of a mouse, you can setup email accounts, auto responders, protected directories, and use all the special features that we offer you. Some of such special features include your resource meter, file manager, software installation and site statistics. You will never have to wait for us to add things like additional email accounts, database, forwarding mail, or web user!

Fast Support
All our Web Hosting services include 24x7 technical support and server monitoring. Assistance is available for the most basic feature to the advance issue, 24x7 via helpdesk support. Business day live chat and phone support add an great option for those customers who require assistance during their business operation. We try to answer and resolve each and every helpdesk ticket as fast as it can be. Generally, Level 1 issues are answered and resolved within one hour and Level 2, 3 tickets could take maximum 1-6hours with some exceptions.

Added Features
We always believe in giving something extra to our customers by adding some sort of feature. Besides our industry leading control panel, we offer a variety of features to help your site thrive. We run a web interface for MySQL databases & File Manager. We also offer help & information on Free available, Build, Manage, Promote & Profit Tools. A directory on free downloadable PHP scripts and tutorial is also available. We're ready to adapt to meet your needs. Just let us know.